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Here's a little info on my experience and values.


In 2002, I started an early career in the Beauty Industry. I learnt how important client satisfaction is in a service industry. I naturally love making people feel good so I flourished in salon.

In 2010, I decide to venture out and freelance as a Makeup Artist. In this time I also became a qualified Trainer & Assessor so I could teach Beauty Therapy.

In 2013, I went on to complete my Diploma in Makeup Services which enabled me to become a Hairstylist. I now felt complete as a package for all my clients.

I try to keep current with my craft by upskilling and undertaking extra courses to make sure I am able to give my clients the most modern styles to date.

Some amazing people in industry that I have been lucky to learn from are Cara Clyne at Hairboss University, Kasia Fortuna, Josie Morgan, Tonya Stylist, Merton Muaremi, Kristina Gasperas and many more.

Well now you know a little about my resume, I'd like to tell a little bit about what hair & makeup means to me.

When I was a little girl my mother made my sister and I paint her nails every week. She showed us the nature of looking after yourself. Not just for vanity but because it was a tradition and a way of having time to spend as girls.

That time was empowering, for we spoke of things we did not speak about around others. This tradition is still carried out to this day.

I also spent a lot of time as a young girl at home with my older sister. She was my Barbie doll. She would always let me play with her hair and put makeup on for her. I cherish those memories.

Now every time I perform a service from painting nails to painting faces, I think of those times and try to share and recreate these moments with each and every individual I come across.

These special moments help begin a new day whether it be for a beautiful bride, an actor/actress going on screen or even a model gracing the camera and catwalk I want it to mean something special.

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